Geospatial Social Media

Brand campaigns are the other big thing that businesses are leveraging social media for, the first being geospatial marketing. For those new to the term, geospatial marketing is targeting an audience in a specific geographical region to increase leads. Geospatial targeting is relatively new to social media but does have the potential to derive actual value from your social media marketing campaigns.

Market Research and Behavioral Data

Facebook alone has over million unique users that visit the platform every day. For a business that is employing a comprehensive social media strategy, market research becomes more crucial. It enables the business to gather data from all sources, i.e. posts of their followers/likes, what they share, and all other alternate source of information. This allows the business to have data repositories from where it can derive value.

By employing data analytics, a business can derive behavioral data from their customers and potential market. For example, it can collect information on what the potential market has to say about its products and services, how satisfied they are, how likely they are to boost referrals, and what location has a larger share of their customers.

Geospatial Marketing

Once the behavioral data has been derived, the business will have to adjust its social media strategies to make them more responsive to customer behavior. For example, let’s say that you run an ecommerce website. Now if Bronx has a large market for online apparel, then the business can employ PPC and ad placement to boost visibility in Bronx. Similarly, if Manhattan has a large market for online shoe shopping, then the business can again use PPC and ad placement to increase its visibility in the social media accounts of users in Manhattan.

Geospatial marketing allows a business to make more ‘relevant’ marketing decisions which ultimately lead to increased conversions. This in turn can help save costs on unnecessary social media spending while boosting sales and potential market!

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