Eight Tips to Optimise eCommerce Conversion

Growing a profit-making eCommerce store is a tough work. As your eCommerce business grows, some of the challenges that you faced are as follows:

  • When your enterprise eCommerce website grows from 1000 SKUs to 10,000 SKUs, where do you put these SKUs? What is the mode of organizing these SKUs?
  • Yesterday, when you had started your business, you had may be 3 to 5 employees, but now as your business grows, you need to handle a big group of employees.
  • Traffic to your site is increasing but how do you convert them to sales?

In such cases, the big question is do you need to spend a huge amount of money on SEO or should you opt for eCommerce conversion optimization for successful enterprise eCommerce implementation?

The steps for eCommerce Conversion Optimization.

  • Reduce your product filters: One area that usually remains neglected in an eCommerce website is the left-hand filter or the faceted menu. It’s easy to add more products, more drop-downs, and options but at times it creates a mess on the site and makes navigation difficult for the customers. eCommerce specialists suggest that sales can be increased by cleaning this section of the website up. Many website tries to give many functionalities and options to the customers but not all of these work for the betterment of the site as these create confusion on the purchasing decision of the customers.
  • Activate the ROI Tool: One basic requirement to build awareness, to get leads, backlinks, and social shares is to create an automated tool to generate more leads and increased ROI.
  • Eliminate navigation in the Checkout page: While optimizing the eCommerce site, eCommerce consultants recommend getting rid of the navigation when a customer is in the “checkout” page of your website. This can be done by hiding the for your navigation elements within the global header, once you get the hint that the customer is intending to check out. Intention can be determined when an “item” is added to cart.
  • Add to cart” on the right: In each product pages, the “add to cart” button should be always on the right no matter how far the customers scroll-down the product page of your site.
  • Install an exit pop up: If you do not have Exit popup on your site, you can install one immediately. Change the style of exit pop up and this includes text, image, call to actions, and more. This has a great impact on driving your conversion rates higher.
  • Customer reviews: Allow customer reviews on your site, both positive and negative. Your customers are much better at selling your products. The reviews are influential on purchasing decisions of your customers.
  • Personalize referral traffic: You can install a pop-up or a welcome bar at the top of your eCommerce site that can give a welcoming message to visitors on the basis of the language of the country from where they have visited your website. This gives a personal touch. Or else you can opt for referral sites as well to increase traffic. This way you can gain trust from new visitors.
  • Ensure your site works properly: Irrespective of your eCommerce website’s conversion rate in a positive way, if your website’s quality check is not done properly, the conversion optimization is of no use.

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