6 Benefits of 3D Printing Technology

The coming of 3D Printing technology (also called additive manufacturing) has completely revolutionized the way several products are now made, when compared to how they were traditionally made. And with this, 3D printing also has several benefits which this article is going to discuss 6 main ones.


3D printing technology allows for ideas to develop quicker than before. Being capable of printing a concept using this technology the same day it was designed cuts down the development process from what may take months to just a couple of days. This ultimately assists companies to stay some step ahead of the competition.

Save Money

Yes, prototyping injection mold equipment or tools and production runs are quite expensive investments. However, 3D printing process allows the creations of components or/and tools via additive manufacturing, at rates that are far much lower when compared to traditional machining.

Mitigate Risk

Being capable of verifying a design prior to investing in some expensive molding equipment is normally worth its weight in, for example, a 3D printed plastic, and others. Printing some production-ready prototype helps to build confidence prior to making these big investments. Do you know that it’s far cheaper to 3D print a test prototype than to alter or redesign an existing mold? Yes, that’s the case.

Clear Communication

Describing the particular product which you’re going to deliver is sometimes misinterpreted because the construction is solely left to imagination. But a conceptual picture of a product is normally better when compared to the description. After all, a picture is worth 1,000 words. Having in your hold the potential product in your hand is going to clear all lines of communication. You’re going to be left with no doubt or ambiguity if you’re able to hold the precise, or at least a quite close, product’s representation.


With a prototype, you may test the market through unveiling it at, for example, trade -show or showing it to prospective investors or buyers, among others. Getting the response of buyers before the product hits the market is a significant means of evaluating if it has market potential.

Personalize It

With normal mass production, all components emerge from the assembly line the same. However, with 3D printing, you may customize, personalize, or tweak some component to uniquely fit your requirements. For instance, this is going to allow for custom fits in the dental or medical industries, and helps in setting people apart in the jewelry and fashion world.

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