Making backups is a feature that is offered by nearly all hosting companies out there. That is an extremely handy feature since it's a guarantee that you won't lose vital data if something happens with your sites and there are plenty of possible reasons for that - an individual getting access to your account, deleting content by mistake, doing an unsuccessful update of a script-driven application, etc. So long as you have a backup, the harm in any one of these scenarios is undoable, but you will need to respond swiftly because most companies keep just one backup a day and every new one eliminates the previous one, thus a delay of two days means losing everything. Our innovative backup system was designed with the idea to avoid this type of situations and it'll enable you to select what content to restore and from what date as you will have a huge number of backups to choose from.
Browsable Daily Backups in Dedicated Hosting
All backups which we will generate if you have a semi-dedicated server account from our enterprise can be accessed as regular folders inside the File Manager of the Hepsia CP and they're created four times a day, so we are at least two steps ahead of our competitors. The backups are kept for a week and you could restore an individual file, a folder or an entire site by copying it from the backup directory to the www directory in which your active content is. All backups provide a timestamp that'll tell you when they were generated, so you may use the one that you need or even get various files from different backups. For security reasons, all backup directories that you are able to look through are in read-only mode to ensure that they cannot be deleted by accident. That way we shall always have a number of copies of your content and you will always be able to view any of them as if you're browsing a conventional folder in your semi-dedicated account.