CPU, or Central Processing Unit, is that component of a PC or a hosting server which executes each of the calculations. Every single CPU functions at a certain speed and the higher it is, the swifter everything will be processed, so if you host resource-demanding web programs on a server, for instance, a powerful processor shall enable them to be executed more quickly, which will greatly contribute to the entire user experience. The newer generations of CPUs have two and more cores, each running at a particular speed to ensure a superior and faster performance. This kind of architecture enables the processor to handle a variety of processes concurrently or several cores to address a single process if it requires additional computing power to be completed. Obviously, other elements like the amount of RAM or the connection that a certain web server uses could also affect the overall performance of the Internet sites hosted on it.
CPU Share in VPS Servers
We offer a wide assortment of VPS server plans which are well suited for various purposes. If you require a server to gain root access, but you don't require much processing power, for example, you can acquire a lower-end plan that includes less resources. The VPS shall be set up on a physical server and our system shall set aside a certain CPU share to it. If you want more resources in the future, you will be able to upgrade to a more resource rich plan through the billing CP, and since each package features a particular CPU quota which your apps can utilize, the additional quota shall be included to your current account. The physical servers in which the virtual ones are created are provided with 16-core, 3.0+ GHz processors and only several VPS accounts are set up on a particular server, so you'll be able to use a virtual server that's as powerful as you require it to be.
CPU Share in Dedicated Servers
If you choose to purchase a dedicated server from us, you'll be able to pick between a number of different package deals which have different configurations. In this way, you are able to buy the most suitable plan depending on your budget and the resources that you'll require for your online/offline apps. Our most powerful plan includes a twelve-core processor that'll guarantee the incredibly fast execution of any script that you run on the hosting server. Every CPU which we use when we assemble a new machine is meticulously tested to make sure that it shall perform flawlessly even when there’s an exceptionally heavy workload. The processor speeds listed on our site are guaranteed always, since you shall be the only one who will utilize the resources of the whole web server.