With an email forwarding activated for any given address, all incoming messages will be sent to a third-party address that you have picked although the latter won't be in the list of recipients and the email sender will never be aware where their e-mail will go. You can use such a function if you have multiple emails because it will be easier to receive all inbound e-mails in one email address instead of signing in and out of various ones at all times or configuring a number of mail boxes within an e-mail client. If you manage a company or maybe an organization, the e-mail forwarding is also a way to check out all emails received by different divisions for better coordination. You could also make use of this function the other way round - a message sent to a standard email address can be sent to several people.
E-mail Forwarding in Semi-dedicated Servers
For people with a semi-dedicated server from our company, it will take you only a few mouse clicks inside the Email Manager part of your Hepsia Hosting Control Panel to forward the email addresses set up on our server to a third-party address. In the very same section you will additionally have the ability to observe how many of your mailboxes are forwarded and exactly where the incoming e-mails are going. You can activate or disable a forwarding account at any moment and during the process you may as well decide if a copy of the e-mails should be kept in our system or not. Although this feature is not a must have, it is quite valuable because you will get a backup of the messages on our end just in case that anything occurs with the third-party email address. Even when they have just a temporary issue, you risk losing e-mails as when our system gets and forwards an e-mail, absolutely nothing will be maintained on our end if you haven’t chosen a backup to be kept.