Google Search + Facebook

Google Search + Facebook

Pay Per Click and Social Media specialist will build, administer, and monitor your Paid Digital Media account, which covers management of two platforms. Keyword research is used to find the best search terms for your business. A four-step approach ensures the business owner’s digital presence in Google and its Search partners. Define media objectives in relation to marketing and advertising objectives, establish a media strategy to achieve media objectives, design media tactics to implement the media strategy, and propose methods to evaluate the media plan’s efficacy. The same will apply to Facebook and Instagram. The goal is to help the business owner grow his online audience. It also has a Remarketing strategy that targets website visitors.


In addition to daily performance monitoring and reporting, each PPC Package includes a Project Manager consultation.


New campaigns cost $399 to set up.

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    Product Details:

    We utilize the most appropriate platform to accomplish your clients’ objectives. This plan covers Google Search, Facebook Ads, and cross-posting to Instagram, depending on your client’s needs.
    Ad Extensions
    To showcase the qualities of your client’s website, we would leverage the best ad extensions to optimize your campaign’s performance and attract the right visitors to your site.
    Configuration of a Search Campaign
    We do extensive study on your client’s business before developing the best targeted keyword list and ad copy. Please approve all keywords and phrases.
    Management of Search Campaigns
    We regularly analyse and optimise your campaigns to maximise the efficiency of each click.
    Advertisements on Display and Remarketing
    Utilize banner advertisements to increase brand exposure, remarket to your existing audience that hasn’t converted yet, upsell or cross-sell to existing clients, and much more!

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