Social media is difficult to manage on your own. Every day, you must create an endless stream of relevant content and communicate with customers across all social networks.

We assist by providing a central location for your business to remain social. From a single location, generate leads, plan ready to publish content, and engage with your fans. Finally, a tool that simplifies social media management.


Our Business Plans:
  • ­Social Marketing Express.
  • ­Social Marketing | Pro.

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    Social Marketing Express
    Starting at Free for one account
    Social profiles: Facebook, Google My Business. Scheduled posts: 20 posts at one time. Calendar View. Drafted Posts. Post Performance Analytics. Social Audience Analytics.
    Social Marketing | Pro
    Starting at $42.00 / Monthly
    Everything in Social Marketing Express. Social profiles: Facebook, Google My Business, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn. Scheduled posts: Unlimited. Link Tracking. Customer Posts. Leads. Interesting Content (RSS Feeds). Tagging in posts (Facebook & Twitter). NEW: Clickable. Bío for Instagram.


    Posting From One Place
    Publish and schedule content across all of your social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
    Social Leads
    Discover new leads on Twitter and engage them with a single click!
    Engage Your Following
    Maintaining contact with your followers is straightforward. Respond to consumers, provide content that is ready to upload, and strengthen your social ties with your followers.
    Drive Ecommerce
    Using the Clickable Bío feature, you can convert Instagram posts into a shoppable gallery of photographs, converting social followers into paying customers.
    Mobile Friendly
    Utilize on any device, at any time—this enables you to post and answer in real time, without missing a beat.
    Deliver Superior Service
    Customer communication is now easier than ever. From within Social Marketing, you can manage any comments placed on posts and any mentions.

    FAQs: Social Media Marketing

    It’s easy! By setting up a list of searches, you can find customers in your area and start an immediate conversation. Here are 3 easy steps. First, find words and phrases that relate to your products or services. If you’re a locksmith, try “locked keys in car”. Next, respond to the relevant search results by starting a conversation or making the person an offer. And finally, seal the deal and fulfill your end of the bargain. The system will automatically record all conversations for future viewing.
    Companies know that customer service is important, but a lot of businesses still haven’t formed a specific strategy for addressing online concerns and building social relationships. With 89% of U.S. consumers saying that they’ve gone to a competitor after a poor customer service experience, it’s clear that a business’s ability to listen to complaints and provide solutions is linked to its success.
    Did you know that 90% of small businesses have Facebook pages, but that almost one third of them have less than thirty-two fans? Building an engaged audience can be difficult, and for many local businesses it’s the reason why they quit updating their pages long ago.In order to create a successful following on social media, every post needs to have value. This means posting timely, relevant, and engaging content.
    • Post calendar: Effectively manage and schedule posts using a convenient calendar view.
    • Mobile-friendly: Social Marketing is fully mobile responsive so you can work how you want.
    • Analytics: Rich engagement statistics on your social posts.
    • Lead finder: Configure keyword searches and geo targeting to find and engage with your target audience
    • Ready-to-post content library: Use your favorite RSS feeds to discover great content to use in your social media marketing
    • All-in-one composer: Post to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google My Business, and LinkedIn
    • Direct Instagram scheduling: Plan Instagram posts in advance and then sit back while Social Marketing publishes them automatically.
    • Google Posts support: Promote your clients’ upcoming events, make special announcements, share timely offers and more.
    • Configurable notifications: Easily configurable for each of your users. Get notifications on new leads, customer replies and more.
    • Customer engagement: Get an aggregate view of all customer posts and respond to them directly from Social Marketing
    • Clickable. Bío for Instagram: Transform your Instagram posts into a shoppable gallery and turn social fans into paying customers.

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